Abhirup Das Sydney Spinal Symposium 2019

Abhirup Das

My research goals are to understand (1) why muscle health declines with age and (2) how to promote muscle regeneration and repair after injury in the elderly . I have strong experience in chemistry, along with specialist expertise in biochemistry and physiology that have been honed over the years by working at highly esteemed research institutions across the globe. My dual background in chemistry and biology enables me to utilize interdisciplinary approaches to solve critical biological problems. My current research focuses on understanding the roles of key signaling molecules and metabolites in muscle repair and regeneration after traumatic injury. I have recently identified the key pathways that regulate muscle health during ageing and novel interventions to reverse age-associated decline in blood flow and endurance in mice. Sirtuins and NAD+ metabolism in aging and age-related diseases Wound healing in diabetes and ageing Muscle injury and stem cells

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